Our Story

My name is Tom and like many people out there, I have stumbled into the world of CrossFit and Paleo.  My journey, like most, had it’s very unique twists and turns.  I am an Army Veteran who was forced to leave active duty following heart surgery.  With that, I gained considerable weight and really just didn’t pay attention to my weight or health.  I was working in a restaurant while paying my way through college.  I have always had a love for cooking but I became far more creative while working in multiple restaurants.  I finally got out of the restaurant industry and took a good look at life.

My wife and I both knew we wanted to eat and live healthier lives.  Enter CrossFit and Paleo.  She was definitely the driving force to do both  as I passively resisted.  Of course she convinced me both were a good way to become more healthy all around.  We started our journey with CrossFit first then very shortly after followed Paleo eating.  Since I already very much enjoyed creating great food in our kitchen, this was a challenge I was up for.  After a few months, I realized just how easy and tasty Paleo living can be.  My wife and I discussed for a long time how much I wish others could see how simple Paleo can be.

Enter Madesimplepaleocom.  I have developed many recipes and I am always experimenting with more.  Our goal with this website is to show people Paleo eating can be both simple and great tasting at the same time.  I want people to know I am always open to suggestions, modifications, and feedback.  Like most people that live this life, I don’t know it all and I am always looking for another great tasting Paleo recipe.

We also know that most people live Paleo-ish lifestyles and not 100% strict Paleo lives.  With that, we have added “Paleo-ish” and healthy “Non-Paleo” recipes for those that aren’t fully strict about Paleo.